Interviews are the most effective way for us to get to know one another. Here are some tips to give you more confidence, so you can be your best on the day.


Show Us

We want to know the real you, so tell us about what motivates you and drives your interest in finance; share with us why your skills and experience fit the role you are applying for. And remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

Know Us

You should aim to get a good understanding of our business before you meet us for the first time. The best place to start is our corporate website, but you should also keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the financial sector in general.

Read more …Make sure you have fully read and understood the job description of the role you are applying for. By demonstrating to us that you have researched your role, you are also showcasing your enthusiasm about finance, our organisation and your business function.
AlignOur business has four core values and a graduate competency framework. We will ask you competency-based questions so we can get to know you better. Relate your experiences using our STAR framework:
Situation/Task: What was required? Remember to set the scene.
Action: What did you do? Be sure to tell us why you took that action.
Result: What happened and what did you learn?
PractiseEnsure that you rehearse answers to common interview questions.
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Be Enthusiastic

Show Us

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, and don’t worry if you need a moment or two to think about your answers. We’d rather hear a response that is concise and well structured with specific examples, rather than something irrelevant or memorised. Make sure you listen to each question, and don’t be afraid to ask us to repeat if anything is unclear.

Be Enthusiastic

Depending on the role, there may be several rounds of interviews. If this happens, remember that all interviews are equally important – regardless of whether they are technical, with HR or with a line manager. No two meetings will have the same interviewers, so show us your passion constantly.
Read more …Be PreparedCome prepared to ask us questions regarding the bank, business area or the role itself. If you are offered the job, make sure you can make an informed decision by fully understanding our business and culture.
Be YourselfShare with us your honest thoughts and experiences. We want to know about why you applied to ensure that you will engage well with the role, and are committed to being part of our growth story.
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At The End

Did You Get The Information You Needed?

By the end of the interview, the person you were talking to will have enough information to make a decision about your application. You too should have a clear vision about our business and the position you are applying for, so that you can also make a decision about the offer. If not, ask.

Thank The Interviewer

After the interview, send a follow up email to your interviewer to thank them for their time. Also remember that this is a final chance to ask any other questions or provide more information.
Read more …Every Candidate Is ImportantIf you haven’t been shortlisted for the role you wanted, we’ll keep your application in our system. If a more suitable role comes up, we’ll get in touch.
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Our People

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How To Apply

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